welcome to kitchen lush! 

i would like to start by stating first and foremost: i am not a classically trained chef. i have had no formal training, i have never taken a cooking class, but i have grown up watching the greatest chefs that i know: my grandmother and mother. this site is simply about sharing a love of food (and wine) and the joy of being able to make any recipe your own. 

about my recipes: some will be super healthy, some will be not-so healthy (because i believe in real butter). some will be simple, some will be adventurous, but all will be delicious. like i mentioned above, in my experience, you can make any recipe your own. if you don’t like certain ingredients, swap them out with ones you do. cooking is not about being perfect, it’s about creating a dish that will make you and your appetite happy. bringing a recipe to life is like a road trip with twists and turns from prep to plate. 

my name is kate davis and i welcome you into my kitchen with open tongs. i won’t ever promise perfection, because i believe a great meal is made of a pinch of curiosity, determination, and usually a glass of wine (not always for cooking). bon appétit! 

kate davis | kitchen lush